Products & Services

Islamic Banking & Finance Advisory 

Assist Licensed Commercial Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs), Insurance Companies et al to set up Islamic Banking and Takaful Units within the overall ambit of the institution. These could either be set up as a dedicated Business Unit, a “Window” or even as a separate legal entity.

Corporate Finance and Advisory

A key component in this segment of the business portfolio is companies that wish to convert conventional debt to Shariah compliant sources of finance. Adl Capital offers Advisory Services on the restructuring of companies as well as raising finance, either in the form of Shariah compliant debt or equity.

Private Equity

Private Equity is an emerging area in the financial landscape and Adl Capital is able to advise clients as well as raise Private Equity from a cross-section of investors. In most cases, the Private Equity phase is followed by a listing of the company on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), a process that Adl Capital could help facilitate.

Shariah Advisory

Adl Capital will assist institutions in the procurement of Shariah Advisory Services from scholars, based locally and overseas.

Product Structuring

The Company is able to structure Islamic financial products that are customised to the requirements of its clients. Adl Capital’s innovative approach and expertise has seen it being called upon to structure various instruments, with the clients including Licensed Commercial Banks, NBFIs, Insurance Companies, Public Limited Companies (PLCs) and Corporate Entities. These products are designed as an alternate to existing conventional products.

Business Process Outsourcing

Adl Capital has the requisite expertise in areas such as Credit Analysis, Credit Administration and other services germane to the financial sector, especially in Islamic Finance. Thus, it is ideally positioned to offer institutions located in countries, especially in the Middle East, that often have high staff overheads, to outsource certain aspects of their business processes.