Adl Capital Limited

Established in 2010, Adl Capital Limited is the holding company of Adl Asset Management Limited and Adl Equities Limited, the latter being licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) of Sri Lanka as a Market Intermediary under the category of ‘Margin Provider’. The Company offers a wide range of Financial Advisory Services which are in adherence to Islamic Finance principles.

The range of services on offer includes the setting up of Islamic Banking Units (IBUs) and Takaful Units, Corporate Advisory, Corporate Finance, Private Equity and Product Structuring. The company’s activities are monitored by an eminent international Islamic scholar.

Adl Capital also launched the first Money Market Unit Trust structured along Islamic Finance lines – Comtrust Adl Mudharaba Fund. This was in conjunction with Comtrust Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd, a leading Unit Trust Management company licensed by the SEC.



Assist Licensed Commercial Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs), Insurance Companies et al to set up Islamic Banking and Takaful Units within the overall ambit of the institution. These could either be set up as a dedicated Business Unit, a “Window” or even as a separate legal entity.


A key component in this segment of the business portfolio is companies that wish to convert conventional debt to Shariah compliant sources of finance. Adl Capital offers Advisory Services on the restructuring of companies as well as raising finance, either in the form of Shariah compliant debt or equity.


Private Equity is an emerging area in the financial landscape and Adl Capital is able to advise clients as well as raise Private Equity from a cross-section of investors. In most cases, the Private Equity phase is followed by a listing of the company on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), a process that Adl Capital could help facilitate.


Setting up of Islamic Banking & Takaful Units | Corporate Finance and Advisory | Private Equity | Shariah Advisory

| Product Structuring | Business Process Outsourcing