Comtrust Adl Mudarabah Fund

The Comtrust-Adl Mudarabah Fund is a Shariah-compliant open-ended Unit Trust. It is the very first Money Market Fund based on Islamic Finance principles to be launched in Sri Lanka. A key objective of this fund, which operates on a Mudarabah basis with a profit sharing ratio (PSR) of 90:10, is to fulfil the growing demand for a relatively low risk product that provides investors with regular returns, whilst enabling them ease of encashment, i.e. liquidity.

The fund aims to optimise short term returns by investing in a portfolio of money market instruments that are in compliance with the Shariah. The fund is expected to fill a vacuum that exists in the Islamic Finance Industry for an instrument to manage surplus liquidity

Principal Areas of Investments

Deposits in Mudarabah accounts of Licensed Commercial Banks & Licensed NBFIs

Short term corporate debt of mainly listed companies

Rated instruments (with an investment grade rating by an independent rating agency)


Salient Features of the Fund

Open to Sri Lankan and foreign nationals

Regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) of Sri Lanka

Approved by a Shariah Board

Minimal risk, given the diversification of the portfolio

PSR of 90:10 is one of the most attractive in the market

Ease of encashment

No entry or exit fees

Application Form